A Scanner Darkly / Richard Linklater / 2006

Guys, I can’t really explain how well I thought this movie was done.  Is it my favourite film ever?  No, mainly because I think “Metropolis” is.  But I think that the rotoscoping and the bit where it wasn’t always entirely clear what was going on, etc made the film live up to the book in a very refreshing way.  

I’ve not seen “Blade Runner” or “Total Recall” or “Minority Report,” but I’m curious as to how other people have interpreted his writing into film

A Scanner Darkly is rad, in both movie and book form. Linklater is not a director who I can say with confidence has particular signatures to his movies, but he is certainly someone who can execute basic ideas well (granted, the only other films of his that I have seen are Slacker and Dazed and Confused). Now I haven’t read read any of Dick’s other works, but I do enjoy both Blade Runner and Minority Report.

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